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DO you want MORE TIME AND ENERGY to work on your business?

ARE you FRUSTRATED, wasting so much time creating/posting content?

ARE you READY to take content off your TO-DO-LIST?  

FANTASTIC – You Are In The Right Place! 


You understand that modern business is all about automation, efficiency and outsourcing.

You also appreciate that creating consistent content and having a strong online presence is 

essential for business in today’s online world.

Which is why here at Hashtag Content Agency we’ve made it our mission

to take content off your to-do list, so you can take back your time and energy

to focus on what you do best, doing the business.

We know that when it comes to creating content for your business,

inspiration, time, and consistency are the biggest killers.

We help you as an online professional to eradicate those obstacles, 

maximise your reach, generate leads, grow your business and increase

revenue using our unrivalled content leveraging service.

Our clients trust us because together, our team of superheroes,

deliver an extremely high-quality content leveraging service consistently! 

Instead of going for quantity and sacrificing quality,

you simply create one amazing piece of master content every week,

then you hand it to us and we do the rest.

Masses devour visual content

Many prefer to listen to content

Others love short sharp text

Some prefer detailed descriptions

Whatever their preference, when we leverage your one master piece of content into different formats, we’re helping your message appeal to a wider audience, helping you reach people who may not have seen or consumed your content in its original form.

Content leveraging has you ‘look like you are everywhere’

without having to put in the effort of ‘being everywhere’

That’s The Power Of Leveraging Content

So, where did it all begin…

In 2016, Anna was living in China. Having successfully transitioned her corporate training business from NZ to China, she began looking, to take her coaching business online.

She saw this as way forward to continue travelling and working remotely in the future. Not afraid of a challenge she became something of a digital business and social media scholar.

She learned first-hand that creating and sharing content is one of the most important jobs you have doing business online AND trying to do it all herself, she found it was a killer of a task.  

So, while it became clear that Anna’s super power was creating content, doing it alone was not smart business.

That’s when she learnt about repurposing content through the guru’s, Gary Vee, Amy Porterfield and Niel Patel.

To say this was a light bulb moment would be an understatement!  

Not slow at moving forward, she immediately joined forces with Nick and Candyce and Hashtag Content Agency was born.

Anna, the king of content, Nick, the video/technical guru and Mahina,  the social media queen.

What started off as a one-woman show has become an amazingly versatile team helping busy entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and other online service providers leverage their knowledge and expertise online, expanding their reach and building their business. Now living in Croatia, together they are building a family sailing business off-line and growing two on-line businesses using their “Less Is More” content leveraging strategies.

And To Be Clear, Our “LESS IS MORE” Leveraging Strategy

Is Not A Cookie Cutter Approach

We focus on creating a tailored service especially for you,

ensuring the uniqueness of your message, business and brand remains prominent in the process.

We do what we say we will do, on-time and you can trust us.

We are so very proud to work with some amazing online professionals,

helping them to amplify their message and grow revenue.

We’re here to take content off your plate

so you can focus on what you love to do, what you do best, grow your business.

AND, a little about me, Anna, personally …  

  • I am of Maori and English descent. Born in a small town called Taupo, growing up in the beautiful country of New Zealand.
  • I lived in Nanjing, China for 7 years and am now living in Split, Croatia.
  • I have a husband, Michael who has been my rock for over 38 years and two beautiful daughters who I love more than anything in this world.
  • I LOVE to travel especially as a family. We’ve travelled throughout Asia Pacific, China, Europe and North America. As a family we travel at least once a year together, now we are spread over the globe. Our next adventure is always in the pipeline!
  • Having lived in China for 7 years I am every day grateful for the fresh air, the blue skis, the lakes, rivers and sea, the sunshine, sunsets and sunrises, the fresh water and let’s not forget the fresh fruit, foods and nectars nature provides.
  • I enjoy ski diving, white water rafting and sailing with the kids, although there are times I love to just sit and enjoy a good book.
  • I’m not into fitness and exercise, it’s still a HAVE TO on my daily to do list.
  • I don’t do camping or the great outdoors. I love to travel five star and adore club lounge benefits whenever we travel.
  • I have a weakness for coffee, energy drinks and sweets and I miss kiwi pies, fish and chips, kai moana and hangi.


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