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In today’s online world and marketing climate, it’s only the best content that will get shared.

So, how do you make sure your content is as shareable as possible? By making it the best you can.

How do you make it the best you can? By making sure you put some time, thought and creativity into your efforts.

And before I jump into the top three tips to more shareable content, let’s get clear on one thing!

Start The Ball Rolling Yourself

Before you can expect others to share your content, you need to be scheduling and sharing it yourself.  This means you need to be …

  1. organised (creating a social media calendar)
  2. scheduling your posts consistently (using an online scheduling tool)
  3. leveraging your content (catering for each of your chosen platforms)

If you need help in any one of these areas let me know in the comments and I will share with you free resources and links to tools we use to get better organised, schedule and leverage content.

Now, having that under control, it’s time to weigh the odds of content sharing online, in your favour.

Three simple tips, totally actionable, relatively easy to apply for you to put into practice right now.

Add Shareable Video and Graphics

Why is adding images and video so important? According to Hubspot, 33% of all internet activity is watching videos. BuzzSumo found that blog posts with graphic placed every 75-100 words get twice as many shares.

Fortunately, creating videos, graphics and infographics isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be.  To get you started creating videos download our Kickstart Video Kit (7 steps to your first video in 45 minutes of less. If you’re looking to create graphics or infographics and feel you’re not artistic, or don’t have the skills required to create your own, you can hire designers from Fiverr and other job sites. I’m a solid believer in the power of graphics and use CANVA to quickly create a range of graphics and infographics your audience will love.

Most know the power of video and often the power of colourful, easy-to-read graphics that share vast amounts of data in a visually appealing manner is underestimated. By condensing numbers and stats down to easily digestible bite-sized pieces, you can make valuable information highly understandable for any audience. Even better, your market will be happy to share (and share and share).

Create Valuable Posts

Writing a blog post? Creating an information video? Don’t just skim the surface of a topic. Dig deeper. Provide as much information as you can on the topic.

While some bloggers will tell you that shorter is better, the truth is, posts of 3,000 words are more likely to be shared than shorter cousins. Plus you want to ensure you have variety. The best thing about longer blogs or videos is that it allows you then to leverage your content and break it down into bite size content pieces for extra shares.

Offering both types of content you won’t need to worry about your readers attention span.  Each piece will connect where it is most needed. Readers have proven they want actionable, useful information whether in short form or digging into a long post to find it.

Let Your Personality Shine

No one wants to read or share another “me too” post. Not you, and not your audience.

What they do want—and what they’ll happily share with their friends and fans—is personality-driven pieces that aren’t afraid to take a stand. Don’t you just love this photo of Gytha. Her personality definitely shines through in this photo, attracting those whose personalities click to her content. For us it’s a great was to showcase our clients and collaborations.

This is why coaches such as Gary V, Kimra Luna and Marie Forleo are so popular. You know straight away that what you see is exactly what you get. Nothing is hidden; there’s no “corporate speak” to be found.

It’s raw, real content that has them connect with their audience. Getting an insight into who they are, it’s easy to form a connection because you feel like you know them personally. And what do you do with your friend’s content? You share it, of course!

It doesn’t take much to be shareable. Just be yourself, be transparent, and be valuable.

Keep doing what what you’re already doing, only with a little bit more oomph and remember any shares you get will help grow your reach and revenue, even if they’re just a few.

What Next

Want to explore this topic a bit more and gain more content visibility?  Talk to us about how to best leverage your content. We’re here to help you:

  • SAVE time and energy
  • GET content off your to-do list
  • CAPTURE a wider audience and
  • BOOST your credibility and visibility online

Using our “Less Is More” content leveraging system we can help you elevate your business consistently, build your expert status quicker and have you stand out with a kick ass social media presence in LESS time, with LESS stress and way LESS anxiety.

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